Addressing the skills gap in ATMP/CGT manufacturing (A CellCAN/CCRM partnership)

Clean In Place

Clean In Place

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This module is aimed at biopharmaceutical personnel who require a foundation knowledge of Clean in Place (CIP) in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. It contains key concepts of CIP technology commonly used in the pharmaceutical, and biologics industries. It will explain CIP processes and procedures, and provide examples of best practices to ensure optimum performance. The module provides a foundation level of CIP knowledge, and used in conjunction with on the job training, it will complement a CIP training program. The module should also be used as an aid to manual training, and as a first source of information on CIP.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of CIP in manufacturing.
  • Describe why and when a CIP should be performed.
  • List the typical components of a CIP system.
  • Explain the stages of a CIP operation.
  • Explain the main variables that affect the performance of a CIP operation.
  • Explain common CIP troubleshooting steps, and explain where the CIP process can go wrong.
  • List the critical actions that you should take to ensure a CIP operation runs as efficiently as possible.